Trauma is an energetic imprint that has become trapped in the body. These imprints occur when we have a strong emotion about something and the energy of that moment becomes locked in our body. Traumas can be located in any layer of our physical or energetic body and can cause a multitude of emotional, mental, or physical issues.

Examples of traumas


  • Being the victim of physical or emotional abuse
  • Experiencing or witnessing an act of violence
  • Being made fun of, bullied, or humiliated
  • Feeling taken advantage of
  • Suffering through an illness, injury, accident, or medical procedure
  • Surviving the death of a loved one or pet
  • Enduring financial stress
  • Causing harm to someone else
  • Ending a relationship

What kinds of things can cause trauma?

There are some obvious things that can cause trauma. Experiencing an act of violence or being victimized in any way can cause trauma in just about anyone, and one experience can cause multiple traumas in the body. But there are many other less obvious reasons. Childhood trauma is common because anything that startled, scared, or upset you has the potential to cause trauma. It could be something that happened to you, something you saw, or something you heard. We can even inherit trauma or bring them in on a soul level from previous incarnations, but these may be difficult to access without the assistance of an experienced healer.

Have you ever noticed that certain places, people, or things cause you to feel frustrated, angry, or anxious for no apparent reason? This is a sign from your body that you are holding onto unresolved trauma.

During a healing session, we can access these trapped traumas in several ways. We can look at specific events that happened in your life, we can explore emotions that you are experiencing and trace them back to their origin, or we can find locations in your body where these energetic traumas may reside.

Releasing trauma is a great way to raise your vibration, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase your feelings of peace and happiness.