I was having issues for many years with “feeling stuck” in several areas of my life:  financial (always struggling financially/survival issues), view of myself (not much self-confidence, feeling fearful, lacking direction for my life), past issues in my life (my upbringing, past hurts). Soon after a session with Karen, say a few days, I suddenly didn’t feel that “stuck” feeling I had been experiencing for most of my adult life. Daily I started experiencing a pretty good surge of confidence, positive feelings about my day, and an excitement about my near future.Before having a session with Karen, when I would wake up in the morning, I would have to struggle to view my day as “the glass is half full”. All the changes that I was experiencing were big for me, as I had grown to just “get through the week” because I was feeling no joy, happiness, or great expectation about my future, especially over the past 2 years. I am still experiencing wonderful changes a month and a 1/2 after my session with Karen.  I am experiencing more energy physically, and I think that is because I am feeling more positive and happy.

Karen is not only very good in her work doing  a healing session in Theta Healing, but I believe she has a special GIFT operating in it.  She is very very intuitive as she is working with a person.  I felt very comfortable with her in the session, and she made me feel completely at ease when talking about personal “hotspots” as they came up.I recommend to anyone having any type of personal issues that they seem to not be able to overcome, to contact Karen.  They will be grateful and very glad that they did!

Laura Merrick, Denver, CO

The day I began my journey with Karen I felt positive, accepting the things that are and listening to my truth. (With the guidance of Karen) In learning this, we were able to release soul contracts, bonds, negative energies, attachments and exchanges of energy. My life, mind and soul feel free, non-restricted or held back. I clearly see value in me as well as the elements and most of all my mindfulness and awareness of unwanted energies, etc. I have been sleeping better, feeling sure and confident, not judging my own thoughts, seeing purpose in everything and enjoying me.  

Andrew R, Denver, CO

Karen is an effective and wonderful healer. An acquaintance of mine had recommended her services to me after I had expressed frustration over being unable to break past a certain wall that had been blocking me from achieving the things I wish to more efficiently. 

For several years now, I have been working to overcome my patterns and thought processes concerning poverty consciousness. I had gone to other healers to help me through this process and while I have come pretty far with their help, no one was able to help me get past this huge wall. I could sense this wall. I did all that I could to break through it but nothing I did worked. However, during my first conversation with Karen I could feel her beginning to work on my situation and that wall even before I met her. 

After my first session with her I felt that a hole had been created in the wall and by the time I went to bed that night I felt the wall completely disappear. It was very freeing and my creativity, which had been dormant for many years, has now returned. I am very grateful for the work Karen does. 

I am so impressed with Karen’s work that I have referred her to my mother and my friends. I highly recommend that, if you are looking to break down barriers within yourself and regular counseling is not getting to the heart of your issues, you seek out Karen. She will get the job done. 

JS, Denver, CO

Karen is absolutely phenomenal. She is I would say, a master at what she does, her channeling and energy work is highly effective and on spot. As I was channeling, she was channeling the exact same things as well as adding more pieces to the puzzle to give me an even clearer picture of every situation and trauma we went through together. I can tell her work is really important to her, she definitely covers all areas in true depth. Highly recommend for clearing blocks and working through things in life. Thank you so much!! I feel more at peace and even took with me great pieces of advice from her energy work as I was meditating. I heard many key lessons that I needed to hear throughout the session.

Lexi R., Mt. Shasta, CA

Karen was very thorough, helpful, polite and professional. She displayed an advanced knowledge of healing mechanics, and had a very open mind. She was gentle enough to deal with the intricacies of hurt and pain yet without making me feel uncomfortable or go into any sort of “victim mode”. She was prompt and reliable. She was flexible in the ways she agreed to tackle my situation and she demonstrated her gifts in psychic knowledge/intuition as well. This was apparent by the fact that what she said aligned with things I knew and agreed with. She was also very good about explaining things as she went along, and she didn’t leave any stones unturned. I would recommend her, and I will utilize her services again. Thank you Karen. Many Blessings.  

Nicole S., Nova Scotia

After just 30 minutes with Karen, I felt so much better. It was as if a weight had been lifted off me. She was so great at clearing the issue I initially sought her out for that we had time for more clearing! I loved the way she talked me through what she was doing and helped me to understand the process. I highly recommend her services if you are serious about clearing negative energies!

Mercedes Samudio

All the warm & fuzzies as usual with the amazing energy work that Karen shares. So happy to release what’s no longer needed from this life & past! If you’re thinking about it I promise you’ll love this!

A.M., Nevada

OMG! I felt it all. I literally felt it rising out of my body, it was a lightening, as if it was being pulled up and out. I’m glad I was sitting down because I felt lighter. It felt INCREDIBLE! It came out of different parts of my body from my head to my feet, and everywhere in between. You are a true gift from the Universe!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’m still having some after effects as I type this, but good LAWD! I can now move forward on my path feeling lighter and helping heal others as well.

K.B. St. Louis, MO