Remote healing session

OMG! I felt it all. I literally felt it rising out of my body, it was a lightening, as if it was being pulled up and out. I’m glad I was sitting down because I felt lighter. It felt INCREDIBLE! It came out of different parts of my body from my head to my feet, and everywhere in between. You are a true gift from the Universe!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’m still having some aftereffects as I type this, but good LAWD! I can now move forward on my path feeling lighter and helping heal others as well.




I’m Karen. I spent 15 years as a Medical Laboratory Scientist, but I have transitioned into the world of holistic healing after dealing with my own health challenges. After various illnesses, a severe back injury, and a large amount of stress in my life, my body collapsed on me. It left me housebound and on disability for nearly three years.