Your healing session may include any of the following modalities.

Chakra Clearings

Find out if you have trapped energies or emotions keeping your chakras blocked. This process also works for energies trapped on a physical level.

Energies From Other People

There are many ways we get tangled up with others on an energetic level. There is a step by step process to release all of these.

Trapped Traumas

Heal from past traumas no matter how big or small. A trauma is a frozen moment in time that becomes trapped in your energy field. Releasing these traumas will help you release the past and begin to enjoy life in the present moment.

Subconscious Belief Work

If things in your life aren’t working out the way you want them to, you may have subconscious blocks in place. Learn how to access your subconscious mind and find out where it is holding you back.

Energetic Promises

Clearing energetic promises clears many belief systems and traumas all at once. To read more about these promises, click here.

Empath Survival Skills

This is for those of you who identify as being an empath and are having trouble dealing with your unique gifts.

Collective Consciousness

Find out how societal beliefs may be influencing your life.

Karmic Loops

When you are ready to go deep, we can examine how you may be attracting certain events or people into your life.

Control Energies

When you are ready to go really deep, we can examine how you may be unknowingly allowing certain energies to exist.